Louis Prima Jr & The Witnesses

Review by Marty Khan, a 35+ year veteran manager, consultant, non-profit expert, producer and activist.

Two words immediately spring to mind when thinking of the legendary Louis Prima – boisterous and fun. With BLOW, the second album by Louis Prima Jr. and The Witnesses, those two words are the starting point for an explosive journey into the pure expression of out-and-out exultation. Following up on his critically acclaimed Warrior Records debut CD Return of the Wildest, Louis brings the family tradition of unadulterated joyous swing right up to the immediate present with eleven tracks of thunderously unbridled testifying...

...To borrow a phrase from the liner notes “A new legend is being born and it will BLOW you away.” ~Marty Kahn

Click the following link to read the full review and listen to samples of the album that is exclusively on sale via iTunes!

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