About marco palos:

Marco Palos is a first-generation Hispanic-American songwriter born in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.

When 2020 put a pause on all touring & performances, Marco went to a secluded farmhouse in the Adirondacks to begin experimenting with music beyond what he had already made a living with. Never quite feeling at home singing other people's music, he began writing in search of his own voice.

"I believe that writing and creating my own music helped me get through that winter of 2020. Even though I had some family around me, it was one of the darkest and coldest winters I had ever experienced physically & internally speaking. We were ALL in this endless reverb chamber of doom and gloom. My bedroom studio became the only safe place to escape and explore other worlds through sound, lyrics, and stories... It was there that I found hope through the darkness. Now I just want to share it with the world"

"A Place We Don't Know" was his first independent and experimental release in March of 2021. It landed a Facebook video by Scott's Cake Love that went viral with over 2 million views!

The first of 5 singles will be "Slow Down," an uplifting, inspirational song that started on an old rescued piano from the 1800s. Marco showcases his soothing baritone voice with both ease & power leading up to a soaring sax solo that makes you feel like you've taken a dive into this new world with Marco. A place you can "Slow Down," find peace, or like Marco did... Find yourself.