"The water in Majorca don't taste like what it ought to!"

Try saying this the "proper" way. ;) 

Greetings from London! I'm writing this update on day 3 of this London Experience!
This afternoon I will be making my way down to The Rockabilly Rave.

I must say, these first two days have been nothing short of an amazing experience that I will never forget. From the moment I arrived in London, I've been fortunate enough to have met and interacted with the kindest of Londoners! From the Customs Agent at Heathrow to the dancers at the Savoy Tup on Tuesday night. There was also Adrian the friendly gentleman who we spent a good time talking with only later to learn that his designs can be seen all over London and the world! We later discovered The Black Friair where we accidentally met John and his business partner, Tim! What a fortunate accident that was. We shared great laughs, stories, facts, lessons in accents and of course drinks! Thank you for such a great time. In one day of site seeing, I was able to see just about 20 or more different sites that were on a wish list that we created before heading out for site seeing. All of which would not be possible without the help of the lovely Julie Miranda!

We ended the night at a local jam session being held at Ronnie Scott's where we met a young sax player living in London from New Zealand working his way up as a musician. Talking to him for the short while was an inspiring moment for me. Especially after hearing him play. It's great to see young musicians with ambition to get somewhere in life with their craft. His style was clean, precise and playful. I hope to see him go far in music. He was even kind enough to let me use his sax for a song in the jam. Unfortunately it was a little bit of jam session crash and burn for me and there was no opportunity to redeem the moment. However, it was a nice reminder of sticking to my own gigs until I spent more time with The Real Book, haha. (For my non-musician friends, the Real Book is what every musician goes through to learn hundreds of Jazz Standards.)

Speaking of sticking to my own gigs... I'm looking forward to rocking out this Friday at the Rockabilly Rave with The Rip Em Ups! After the performance on Friday, I'll be flying back to Los Angeles and performing in Malibu with Louis Prima Jr on Saturday just 4 hours after landing. It's a tight schedule, but I love the thrill of it all! For the time being, I'm going to enjoy the heck out of these last two days in London. Hope to meet more great people and those of you that I've met already, I look forward to staying in touch!

All the best and cheers to good health!

~Marco "The Sax Machine" Palos. ;)